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Course Contents

Training courses for traders of all levels.

Whether you are an aspiring new trader looking to get into the business seriously, or a seasoned veteran searching for new angles to up your game, we have something for you!


Foundations of Derivatives Trading

An introductory course to the financial market, and everything related to trading/investing. It covers different asset classes, security types, trading approaches.


Spread Trading and Statistical Arbitrage

An in-depth course on relative value trading strategies, focusing on the statistical aspect of constructing, backtesting, and trading such strategies.


Advanced Options and Volatility Trading

An advanced course on options and volatility trading from a practical trading perspective. It also focuses on risk management, leveraging sophisticated tools such as Sensitivity Analysis and Scenario Analysis.

Hands-on Training

We sit down with you to trade in
real market, real time.

We will show you how everything we teach is applied to real trading. Don't worry if you're not confident enough. We also have fully controlled and realistic environment for you to practise until you're ready.


"Thank you, Team Inspirante, it has been a wonderful 2-day masterclass. I enjoyed every bit of your training, from your expert market knowledge, consistent trading and experience in valuation and risk management. Being the most ardent promoter for the workshop I can testify that the course was worth every penny of our hard-earned money."

JK, Trader

"We all learnt a lot from the 2 days. To be honest, I wasn't expecting that much (was actually a bit skeptical when I signed up). You guys gave me a lot of new ideas and perspectives, and I'm looking forward to applying them in my trading. Thanks to the Inspirante team."

WH, Trader

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